Villa-Bus VIP

Villa-Bus invites you to take an unforgettable trip on our country’s roads, a trip that includes a prestigious hospitality experience wherever you choose and at levels of service that have not been seen in our country.

Our company provides hospitality and transportation solutions for VIPs, celebrities, politicians, businessmen, diplomats and local or international artists. Our service includes hospitality in a luxurious boutique hotel on wheels that includes: an exclusive meeting area for business meetings, advanced multimedia systems, fully equipped kitchen suitable for private chef work, makeup / book stand for TV interviews, meetings or other performances, a separate luxury bedroom with a separate multimedia system and a designed bathroom.

VIP hospitality at the Villa-Bus will provide you with the perfect environment for VIP stay with emphasizes on the quality of the services we provide.

We works to fulfill any customer requirement, strange as it can be.

For further information Contact Us: 0722-657-834